1) What is Monster Traffic Hits
We are a traffic exchange website that provides free social network marketing to any given link registered in our system.
2) How much does it cost to use this service?
Absolutely nothing! We are a free service and all of our services are 100% free.
3) How does Monster Traffic Hits work?
Very simple, when you sign up you'll be offered the opportunity to share your websites and social networks with our members. In order for you to receive visitors to your website and social network content you must first view other members content/websites. You will earn coins which are used as credits to obtain new visitors. The more coins you have the more visitors you receive.
In plain words, you see other people's websites and they'll see yours.
4) Is Monster Traffic Hits Adsense safe?
We like honesty and we must be honest about this. Unfortunately at this moment our services are NOT Adsense Safe. However feel free to use our service for any other marketing strategy you might have.
5) How can I earn money with Monster Traffic Hits?
Good question! Earning money is simple. Every 1000 coins = $1.00 Yup it's that simple. Monster Traffic Hits provides all its members the opportunity to convert Monster Traffic Hits Coins into real money! All payments are done via Paypal 7-10 days after payout request is made, its that simple.
6) Are all traffic conversions guaranteed?
We at Monster Traffic Hits guarantee that real human visitors will view and visit your social network content. However we can not guaranteed visitors will purchase, Like, Comment, follow and or share your content once outside of our system. We are not endorsed or affiliated with any Social network platform and we have no control of user made decisions ,unlike, unfollow,purchasing,selling, made on third party sites and social networks enrolled in our system.
7) Why are all services free?
Good question, all of our services are free because as webmasters ourselves we know that running a website can become very expensive in no time. We at Monstertraffichits.com focus in provide and helping everyone without adding to a websites running cost. For this reason, we keep our services free and depend on sponsors ads for revenue. If you like our services and website do us a favor and share us with your friends.